what’s for dinner?

Making dinner for our little family is something that I enjoy doing. However, I need the recipes to be easy and quick since the window of time between work ending, daycare pickup, and Levi’s bedtime is minimal.

One of my go-to meals is one that I found via Pinterest {duh!}: white chicken enchiladas. I used this recipe, but made a few adjustments by adding black beans, corn, and swapping out monterey jack for sharp cheddar. After discovering that shredded cheese has the same ingredient used to treat fungal infections {natamycin}, we purchase block cheese and do our own shredding.

Hubby likes to add sour cream, salsa, and guacamole to his. I prefer mine without any extras. Levi, well, he just eats pretty much anything that involves black beans and cheese.

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When we moved into our new apartment, I thought we would be seeking a nanny for in-home care. Due to the irregularity of Hubby’s schedule, we soon figured out that it would be nearly impossible to find someone who’s able to switch days each week.  We found a daycare about a mile from our apartment that offered us the flexibility of changing our days as needed. The daycare also happens to be on my route from home to the office. This meant that I would be responsible for getting Levi to daycare 2-3 days per week. Since Hubby uses our car to get to/from work, it also meant that my “vehicle” would be our stroller.

The first day when I had to bring all of the “extra” things to leave at daycare, we basically bottomed out the stroller. I somehow managed to carry Levi {both of us in winter coats} down two flights of stairs, carrying four bags, and get him situated into the stroller. We’ve come a long way since just a few weeks ago. I now find myself looking forward to our little daily adventures. Picking him up at the end of the day just melts my heart {cheesy, but true}.

Here are a few photos of our daily schlep: 

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Levi is a champ at being in the stroller {as are most city kids}. However, right after I snapped this final photo, he had a meltdown. Naturally.

thoughts on motherhood: 3

I found this in my drafts from June… I look back on this now and think how far I’ve come since then. Still, I thought it was worth sharing.

Well I’m starting my fourth month of being a mother, and am well into my first month of returning to work. Although I’ve been able to flex my time to work at home some days, it’s still difficult to find time in the day for all of the things I want to accomplish. Taking a shower? It falls low on my list of priorities next to having clean clothes, organizing bottles, and stocking the diaper bag. I never thought it would be so difficult to find time to take care of myself. My eyebrows are in desperate need of a wax, I’m still sitting on a massage gift certificate from Christmas, and am desperate for a hair cut {this postpartum hair loss is no joke}. Instead of spending time scheduling these appointments and carving out the time for myself, I opt for basic daily goals like: brush hair, teeth, face, and apply a little makeup to cover the bags beneath my eyes. I used to think that I was going to be one of those moms that pureed all of my own baby food and cloth diapered. I’ve since dropped both of those things from my list of priorities of things that I need to do. Are there times when I make purees for the little dude? Yes. Is that all he eats? No. Are there times when we cloth diaper? Yes. Are there times when we use disposables? Yes. I’ll take it. Motherhood is teaching me to readjust my expectations to reflect what is attainable with the time that I have. 

in my bag

I am always intrigued by “what’s in my bag” posts. They’re a fun way to see what people carry around on a daily basis, how often {or not often} they clean out their bags, and what items they deem “essentials”.

Now that L is a year old, I’m able to toss a few items into my regular bag instead stocking an entire diaper bag. It makes my life much easier. Here are the things that I found in my bag when I emptied it at the end of the day…

DSC_9521 DSC_9536

Items {in no particular order}:

madewell – the transport tote, a pair of hubby’s leather gloves {i have no explanation…}, coach card case, coupons, otter box iPhone 5 case that is disassembled {i intend to clean it off and put it back on}, planner {yes, i still use a paper planner}, notebook, headphones, rebecca minkoff wallet {my absolute favorite}, diapers, wipes, a plastic fork {i think it’s from chipotle}, business card case {a gift from hubby}, random hair products & nail polish kit {gifts from sister}, hand lotion, a toy cow, three lip balms, sharpies, bandaids, locks of L’s hair {from his first hair cut}, mirrors {for work}, and a used tissue.


2/52 // a haircut

The two biggest things this week happened at the end of the weekend. Levi met his new cousin, Mila & he got his first bang trim from his Aunt Carri. Hubby and I have been going back and forth for the past few weeks because L’s hair has constantly been in his eyes. Although I wanted to wait a little longer to give them a trim, it was time. Aunt Carri happened to be in town visiting the newest member of the family, so I asked her to be the first to touch his little locks with her shears. I saved a few locks of hair, and I swear now he looks 6 months older than he did before.








{and just for fun, this time last year}